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A world full of laughter!

Doowon Electronics will create an eco-friendly
air conditioning system together.

차에서 손을 흔들며


About No.1 global company
Doowon Electronics

In pace with the change into the era of eco-friendly mobility,

Doowon Electronics will also take the lead in accepting new changes, fulfilling our social responsibilities, respecting diverse cultures, and becoming the best in the world.

CI - COLOR.png

Doowon Group's
major affiliates

Doowon Group's major overseas business network.
Introducing Doowon Group's global network around the world.

자동차 스케치


Major clients of Doowon Electronics
We endeavor to focus on satisfying the diverse needs of our clients.

전기 엔지니어

Technology Research Center


"The world's top eco-friendly air conditioning system"

Since the establishment in 1992, Doowon Electronics Research Center has been striving to develop automobile air conditioning parts to fulfill the happiness and safety of customers. 

​Accumulating a wide range of technology and know-how and combining the world's best-advanced technologies, we strive to develop our technology to produce the highest quality automotive air conditioner electronic parts through the verification process of our equipment and performance testers and reliability. 


"Developing eco-friendly, high-quality, top-performing products"


Strengthening new technology capabilities.
Fostering professional talent.


Eco-friendly products for the future.


Global competitiveness.

New technology cost competitiveness.


Zero NG products.
Best quality. Customer satisfaction.


About Product

"Doowon Electronics sets a new standard for choosing vehicles with our advanced products."


​Doowon Electronics strives to meet customers' needs who want to secure new technologies

and high quality in line with the consumer trend that pursues a more comfortable and pleasant automobile life culture by developing an air conditioning system that considers ergonomics and eco-friendliness.

제품소개 - EV.png

Line up

Introducing next-generation products for eco-friendly vehicles installed in electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid cars to increase the cooling, heating, and battery efficiency.

제품소개 - HVAC 2.png

Line up

It provides comfortable air and energy-saving effects in the vehicle interior with efficient control of the vehicle's heating, ventilation, and cooling.

제품소개 - COMP.png

Line up

It controls refrigerant flow by compressing and circulating the refrigerant at the high temperature of the vehicle engine room through a compressor.



Line up

It supplies and cuts off fuel installed in the vehicle fuel injection system.

자동차 공장

Quality Policy

"Challenging the limits of quality"

​"Creating new value through quality and service"

We value products and its quality as the most essential factors to continue growing with our customers.

Acknowledging that all our products and performances that we share with our customers are our image and the cornerstone of mutual trust, we will do our best to provide our customers with trust and pride.


"The driving force of a global company"

Doowon Electronics continues to focus on enhancing our quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction.
We comply with the quality requirements of our clients and partners, and achieve the best quality of parts."

​Zero NG products

Beyond customer satisfaction with the 'highest quality'

Customer-oriented quality

Prioritizing customer requirements.

​Realizing perfect quality-based customer satisfaction.

Enhancing quality capabilities

Reforming awareness of quality within the company.

Activities to prevent potential

quality issues.

Ensuring design quality

Verified powerful design.

Enhanced design review.

​Reliability evaluation and performance verification.

Securing part quality

Step-by-step verification of part quality. 

Nurturing quality of outsourced parts. 

continuous improvement.


Talent Management

행복한 사람들

"We have competitive talents, and grow together with them."

Doowon Electronics values our human resources to achieve a 'company where customers are happy.'

To become the top in the group of technology experts, we continue studying and self-develop to create future values. 

Our passion for contributing to the growth of colleagues and the company's growth through unity is the growth engine that will lead Doowon Electronics into the future.

인재경형 - 원형.png





Skilled talents and expertise

Endless training and experience

We seek talented people who are harmonious for quality management not accepting even an inch of error.

Creating new values ​​through active response to change and practice

Responsible talents who trust and respect each other with passion

Work-Life Balance

We spare no effort and support for work innovation to improve the balance of work and life, and productivity.

Harmony between work and life enhances job satisfaction, loyalty to the company, and morale, and prosperous life for employees is Doowon Electronics' organizational culture.

We improve the quality of life of our employees and increase their satisfaction with the company by providing welfare benefits to the welfare of employees, such as housing stability, children's tuition, and living stability.

Stable housing

Dormitory available.


children’s tuition

Supports tuition for, 
middle school.

high school.

university students .

Support for

vehicle fuel

Support for fuel cost when driving a private car for business purposes

Life stability

Performance pay system.

Special bonus and gifts on Korean New Year,

Chuseok, or vacation.

Other welfare benefits

Bonus and day offs for family events.

Staff restaurant.
Supports work clothes.

​Commuting bus.

Work-Life Balance
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